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Michelle Wales, Fairy Grant Mother


I'm Michelle Wales, your "Fairy Grant Mother". I don't have fairy dust, a magic wand, or any spells that will instantly make you an expert Grant Writer, but I do possess 15 years of experience in the field, a knack for breaking down seemingly complex concepts into

easily understandable terms, and a passion for helping others realize their greatest potential. Whether you would like to train to become a Grant Writer, or secure grant funding for your business, my goal is to help make your grant writing aspirations come true! 

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My Story

During my time as a candidate for my Master of Public Administration degree, I received valuable academic training in grant writing practices, and my extensive professional experiences have afforded me the opportunity to sharpen my skills as a Grant Writer. I have developed lucrative proposals for agencies seeking private and government funding, particularly at the state and federal level. My professional roles with government agencies and non-profit organizations required the development of new and continuation grant proposals, as well as the compliance management of funded projects.


In 2016, I launched my writing and consulting firm, Right Words and, as its Lead Writer, I have been contracted by other individuals and organizations to develop grant proposals and to advise on grant planning initiatives. I have developed a reputation as the "go to" person for all things grant-related. I've witnessed individuals and organizations spend thousands of dollars on grant writing services and, while I have

benefitted from such business agreements, I often consider how much more beneficial it would be if they had their own understanding of this Grant Writing world.


I have no desire to keep this knowledge to myself and, whether you are an aspiring Grant Writer, or someone who needs grant funding- I am here to make this world a little easier for you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect!


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